Fresh Squeezed! Episode 1:1 – Noura Erakat

Fresh Squeezed! Episode 1:1 – Noura Erakat

In her book “Justice for Some: The Role of International Law in the Palestinian Struggle,” Noura Erakat makes a provocative claim: that international law, often hailed as a neutral guardian of justice, has actually strengthened Israeli settler-colonialism. Erakat contends that international law’s supposed neutrality is but a mirage, shaped and coloured by global power imbalances. In this episode, Erakat delves into her journey as a human rights lawyer, illuminating the inconsistencies of a legal framework that beckons with promise yet hinders justice for Palestinians. This episode is not just about Palestine; it’s a window into the broader dilemmas faced by critical thinkers in international law.

Join Mohsen al Attar and Omar Kamel for an enlightening conversation with Erakat that challenges conventional wisdom and will spark new perspectives.

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