Who owns the Northwest Passage? - https://t.co/TObb1xMMWz

UN demands Britain end rule of Chagos Islands in 6 months - https://t.co/9BdWq5lJaR

PRESS RELEASE: Mr. Philippe Gautier elected Registrar of the #ICJ https://t.co/YnHBByQZdG

PRESS RELEASE: the #ICJ launches a mobile device app that helps users to keep abreast of developments at the Court. The new app is available for download free of charge in the App Store at https://t.co/nfcWCgXaDp … and on Google Play at https://t.co/BNni1ZHCdI ….

UK statement to the #UNGA on Chagos and the ICJ advisory opinion ahead of today’s vote. https://t.co/dQbbeSrd6a

@AskAKorean @FinancialTimes This is a great and difficult question. US courts have rejected this reading of the SF Peace Treaty in forced labor lawsuits by US POWs against Japan & Japanese companies. See https://t.co/UM6qRlrIyP This seems right to me as a legal matter, but it is a tough call.

@julianku @FinancialTimes I would love to hear what you think about the conclusion that UN Special Rapporteur on Comfort Women drew in 1994. https://t.co/jgj5LZmZiL

@issues_global @opiniojuris It’s a characteristically good, tough-minded piece. Not sure the stories #ICC has told victims have helped or hindered the court, though, as the implicit assurance given to them was that convictions were all but assured.

An interesting (and perhaps surprisingly positive) look at the "arc of universe" regarding justice and #IntLaw.

Growing pains and setbacks don't override the growing idea that "the individual has both rights and obligations under international law." @opiniojuris https://t.co/PIWc7QjZcT

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