Opinio Juris Now Available for Kindle Users!

by Jessica Dorsey

In our pursuit to make Opinio Juris more accessible to our readers, we are now offering the option of reading the blog on your Kindle device through Kindle Publishing. Kindle blogs are auto-delivered wirelessly to your device so you can stay up-to-date throughout the day.

You can find the link to subscribe here. You will receive a 14-day free trial when you initially subscribe, and if you enjoy the service, just $0.99 per month will allow you Kindle access to all of our content.

A small caveat is that we have run into issues for readers with Amazon accounts outside of the US and UK as well as those with Kindle apps on other platforms (e.g., on a tablet or smartphone instead of a Kindle device), and we’re looking into this (it has to do with publishing rights on Amazon itself; not with our permissions); but for now, we hope this new service offers another option for many of our readers who are on-the-go to catch up on the latest discussions and topics on Opinio Juris. Try it out this weekend—and feel free to send on feedback if you have it.

Happy reading!



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