Latest US sanctions show disregard for human rights of all Iranians, violation of @CIJ_ICJ order- Iran foreign minister.

⁦@Marketplace⁩ does a nice job explaining the policy rationale for pulling out of the ⁦@UPU_UN⁩ (I add my 2 cents near the end).

The October issue of the American Journal of International Law is now out, with three lead articles: on the Geneva Conventions, cyber-operations, and international investment law. Plus book reviews, international decisions, and practice of the U.S.

@ElvinaPothelet @ILA_official @opiniojuris More is definitely on its way!

Important clarification/correction by the great @Alonso_GD on the @ILA_official report on the use of force and its controversial description of the unwilling/unable debate. More of this please! via @opiniojuris

Excellent addition to the report, and reminder that international law is indeed not international (@AntheaERoberts) via @opiniojuris

@donaldcclarke Sorry, here is Schedule I of the list of banned narcotics for the Single Convention. (Cannabis is on page 3).

Can you clarify, with specifics?

What Are the Consequences of the Trump Administration’s Recent Treaty Withdrawals? via @just_security

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