Greece, Turkey in spat over extension of territorial waters -

Japan and Russia will need to compromise on waters around disputed islands to reach territorial resolution.

Congratulations and thanks to everyone in charge (incl., for jurisdiction, @pbstephan3, @AntheaERoberts and Bill Dodge).

"The administration's quiet approach could reflect concern about pro-sovereignty conservatives 'expressing outrage at a treaty that tells us how to define males and females'"

Opinion: Only an international court can bring Khashoggi's killers to justice -

The extension will not cover the Aegean where as known Turkey threatens to declare war (since 1995) if Greece exercises its legal right under UNCLOS to a 12NM TS. This is an unwise decision, validating threat of force & TRK spec circum args.

Very good post on #useofforce by the #BrazilMilitary whose #RoE appear in violation of #IHRL #HumanRights. The Military Intervention in Rio de Janeiro and Human Rights via @opiniojuris @alonso_GD

Greece ready to extend territorial waters to 12 nm, former Greek FM says

.@joshrogin Glad to see you focusing on accountability but there are TONS of errors and misstatements in this opinion piece. DM me & I can help you correct them.

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