Pakistani Ministry of Foreign Affairs website hacked, inaccesible in several countries

Notable that Trump did not say the alternative is to bring them to Guantanamo. Here's @EricSchmittNYT's & my latest on the huge and fascinating problem of what will happen to the ISIS detainees in the Kurdish-led SDF's makeshift wartime prisons in Syria.

Fascinating example of how major countries and country blocks understand differently what international law - especially the UN Charter - entails. Int law regionally fragmented. For Russia as leader of this group, see also my ‘Russian Approaches to International Law’ (OUP, 2015).

@kevinjonheller Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We appreciate your comments and feedback. We will review this text panel and will act accordingly.

This @AWMemorial sign inaccurately describes the provisional demarcation of Vietnam into two military zones -- and problematically fails to explain why the elections weren't held. (The RVN and the US.) Surprising. #VietnamWar

Heather Nauert has withdrawn from consideration for US ambassador to the United Nations. Trump had nominated her late last year. Nauert is a former Fox News presenter and State Dept. spokesperson.

Ex @StateDept spokeswoman @HeatherNauert withdraws from consideration to be nominated as US ambassador to #UN, confirms @WhiteHouse.

A really busy month at the @CIJ_ICJ! Next up, the #Jadhav case between #India & #Pakistan, oral hearings on Monday. Reupping an old piece I wrote, relating to prov measures & substantive arguments. I’ll definitely be blogging about this @opiniojuris...

UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia break international law, say Lords -

Malaysia and Singapore May be Near Deal on Port Limits

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