Timely analysis from ⁦@Alonso_GD⁩ of legal issues related to recognition of Venezuela opposition. https://t.co/tkVjzxFCVq

Recognition of the Venezuelan National Assembly under International Law https://t.co/g4CT30HVUQ

Here's my concluding post to the @opiniojuris symposium. Somehow I managed to sneak in a video of a truck plowing through snow (see if you can find it!), but mostly it is about internationalized armed conflicts, conflict qualification, and #IHL.

/1 https://t.co/Uf68Yrb9Xw

#Bolivia president, however, maintaining solidarity with @NicolasMaduro. https://t.co/K52VjkrRwg #Venezuela

#Venezuela: Maduro accuses the U.S. of leading a coup against him and has broken off diplomatic ties, order U.S. diplomatic staff to leave the country in 72 hours.

Short new post @opiniojuris: Judge Eboe-Osuji and Judge Hofmański’s (non-)explanation of why Judge Eboe-Osuji was elected (!) presiding judge in the #Gbagbo appeal. https://t.co/bziZyGk3aH #ICC

#Paraguay recognizes @jguaido as interim president of #Venezuela. https://t.co/UGgNz1QqUp

ICYMI: David Scheffer, author of The Sit Room, gave a speech at the @ChicagoCouncil last night. Watch the video here: https://t.co/pog8hhzFTP

"Everything is on the table, all options," replies official to a question on whether naval blockade or other military action could be taken by US against #Venezuela.

Let me get this straight. The US is sanctioning Venezuela for their lack of democracy but not Saudi Arabia? Such hypocrisy. Maduro’s policies are bad and not helping his people, but crippling sanctions or pushing for regime change will only make the situation worse. https://t.co/NU6ikw0hoC

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