PODCAST: Trump Fought International Law…and the Law Won - https://t.co/T5habYbNUA

"As a result, Greece is faced with two options: It can either accept a compromise on the areas where the territorial waters will be extended, and perhaps on the exact number of miles, or choose to leave loose ends down the line." https://t.co/Mx3QC6jhW2

in light of Trump’s statement today, what Fred Ryan called a “betrayal,” sharing letter I, @AgnesCallamard and UN Working Group on Enforced/Involuntary Disappearances sent to @antonioguterres pressing for independent #UN investigation into murder of #JamalKhashoggi

Guyana Monday called on the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to confirm as a final and binding judgment, the full legal validity of the arbitral award that established the international boundary with Venezuela more than a century ago. https://t.co/t9aVHbvE02

Guyana files documents before @CIJ_ICJ in support of its border dispute with Venezuela - https://t.co/eRHEB6UEEe

Ukraine's War With Russia Poised to Escalate in Azov Sea - https://t.co/bchB4G6NK4

Australia joins United States, Hungary and Austria in rejecting new UN refugee pact

A little known fact. From 1938 to 1945, presidents of Interpol’s direct forerunner, the International Criminal Police Commission, the ICPC, included Otto Steinhäusl, Reinhard Heydrich, Arthur Nebe, and Ernst Kaltenbrunner. All were generals in the SS. Plus ça change and all that.

Are you a grad student/junior scholar interested in international, transnational or comparative law? Submit an abstract to our 2019 conference, "Resistance to International Law & the Global Legal Order"! We will be @UTLaw this year on March 28-29, 2019! Applications due Dec 14th!

Quoted in @LaVanguardia about why the decision on the #Afghanistan investigation is taking so long (in Spanish). https://t.co/HYgmFbcaFc #ICC

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