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Exclusive: No more waivers: The United States will try to force Iranian oil exports to zero #Breaking @washingtonpost

“The agreement did not take into account the occupation loan or reparations …,” she said, adding that the Netherlands had received a much greater sum despite having “one-hundredth” of the total number of victims of Greece.

‘It is not about law, it is about revenge': UN legal expert warns Britain over IS bride sanctions -

Greece to ask Germany for billions in war reparations -

ICJ likely to announce its verdict on India Kulbhushan case next month -

Shocker. A dictator in power for decades stole from his people to enrich himself. "[#Sudan's] military intelligence searched Bashir’s home and found suitcases loaded with more than $351,000 and six million euros, as well as five million Sudanese pounds."

@silviasteiningr @pilabuda @HemiMistry @dovjacobs @JdA_IntLaw @ejiltalk My Dean at Georgia told me not to blog. I ignored her. Best move I ever made! @opiniojuris has opened countless doors for me. And I’ve tried to use it to open doors for other young scholars — particularly women, who are doubly penalised for their youth and their gender.

Turkey: 'Greece violates int'l law by arming Aegean islands' -

@pilabuda @HemiMistry @dovjacobs @JdA_IntLaw @ejiltalk It’s a tradeoff if blogging means you don’t do traditional writing. But in terms of becoming a recognised expert in the field, social media is essential. Patryk has much more influence than an “ordinary” postdoc precisely because he weighs in on key issues now — not a year later.

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