Internship with the UN Team of Experts on RoL and SVC (Short Deadline)

Internship with the UN Team of Experts on RoL and SVC (Short Deadline)

The UN Team of Experts on the Rule of Law and Sexual Violence in Conflict is looking to hire four interns:

In the context of an ongoing project, the UN Team of Experts is currently seeking assistance to prepare and publish seven research papers on international criminal law and sexual violence in conflict.

The research topics include:

  • Understanding CRSV casebuilding: examining prosecution policy; prioritization criteria; structural investigation; case management
  • Developing crime base evidence for CRSV charges (including medical and forensic evidence)
  • The use of different modes of liability to prosecute CRSV: exploring individual and command responsibility
  • Investigating and prosecuting sexual violence in terrorist settings
  • Investigating, prosecuting and charging conflict-driven trafficking for the purpose of sexual violence
  • Victims’ agency and victims’ participation in CRSV criminal proceedings
  • The provision of protection for Victims and Witnesses in CRSV criminal proceedings: challenges and opportunities.

For that purpose, we will be engaging four interns in the coming weeks. The research/writing work can be conducted remotely, and the Team will prioritize applications of candidates currently engaged and/or with prior experience in ICL.

The Team will also welcome applications from students currently engaged in courses/clinics/supervised research on ICL, who could benefit from technical oversight of specialized faculty. If that is the case, the final research papers will acknowledge the contribution of the faculty member and relevant school/university.

The internships are unfortunately unpaid, which will of course exclude some excellent candidates. I hope people from disadvantaged backgrounds who are currently in law school will apply, as that might make participation more financially manageable — especially as the work can be remote.

This is a great opportunity to do important, high-level research and writing for the UN. Apply if you can. Applications can be submitted here and the deadline is October 30, so act fast if you are interested.

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