New Podcast: Lex Ferenda

New Podcast: Lex Ferenda

As part of my position at the University of Copenhagen’s Centre for Military Studies, I have started a podcast entitled “Lex Ferenda: Conversations about Law and War.” Here is the general description:

This podcast involves monthly hour-long video interviews with experts whose work and practice focuses on how international law affects the conduct of military operations. Guests will normally be drawn from the following sectors: military lawyers; civilian lawyers within ministries of defence and foreign affairs; lawyers with international organizations and NGOs who focus on violations of IHL and accountability for war crimes; and scholars who focus on IHL, international criminal law, or the use of force. Most episodes will involve a one-to-one discussion between the host and the guest, beginning with questions about the guest’s career and then segueing into questions about the legal and operational issues raised by the guest’s work. Other episodes, however, will respond to events that are particularly notable in terms of the project’s overarching concept, such as the killing of Gen. Soleimani by the US, and involve two or three guests in a roundtable format.

Two episodes are currently available. The first is with Harold Koh, the former Dean of Yale Law School who served as Hillary Clinton’s Legal Advisor when she was Secretary of State. The second is with Andrew Cayley QC, the former Director of Service Prosecutions in the UK (the most senior military prosecutor) and the former Chief International Co-Prosecutor at the ECCC. You can find links to the podcasts on the CMS website, and they are also available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

The international-law podcast arena is already quite crowded, with many excellent ones, but I hope the more “military” focus of my podcast will make it worth listening to. Feedback on the first two episodes would be most welcome — as would suggestions for guests.

I hope you enjoy “Lex Ferenda”!

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