Book Symposium on Investment Law in International Law: Integrationist Perspectives

Book Symposium on Investment Law in International Law: Integrationist Perspectives

This week we are hosting a symposium on Investment Law Within International Law: Integrationist Perspectives, a brand new volume edited by Dr. Freya Baetens (Leiden – Law) and published by Cambridge University Press.

Here is the abstract:

Developments within various sub-fields of international law influence international investment law, but changes in investment law also have an impact on the evolution of other fields within international law. With contributions from leading scholars and practitioners, they examine specific links between investment law and other sub-fields of international law such as the law on armed conflict, human rights, sustainable development, trade, development and EU law. In particular, this book scrutinizes how concepts, principles and rules developed in the context of such sub-fields could inform the content of investment law. Solutions aimed at resolving problems in other settings may provide instructive examples for addressing current problems in the field of investment law, and vice versa. The underlying question is whether key sub-fields of public international law, notably international investment law, are open to cross-fertilisation, or, whether they are evolving further into self-contained regimes.

Freya will introduce the book later today, followed by a general comment by Professor Laurence Boisson de Chazournes (Geneva). From tomorrow until the end of the week, the discussion will focus on specific chapters dealing with the intersection between investment law and international armed conflict, human rights, trade, sustainable development and much more!

Cambridge University Press is offering our readers who wish to purchase the book a 20% discount until the end of October. To claim your discount, click here and enter the code “BaetensOJ2013”.

We look forward to what promises to be an interesting discussion and hope that you will join the debate in the comments.

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