The Death of Article II Treaties? via @just_security @lawfareblog

“There has never been a more important time to reflect on the @IntlCrimCourt & it’s work" @UKintlaw. Even more reason to explore our free content collection on the ICC

In this new essay, @Margot_Salomon (LSE) & I reflect on #sovereign debt & democracy: how debt can become odious when it is weaponized to attack democratic sovereignty. #Greece @gkatr @MattHGoldmann @AGelpern @nyuiilj @opiniojuris @samuelmoyn @davidrieff

COMMUNIQUÉ: la #CIJ autorise la présentation d’une pièce additionnelle par le Nicaragua portant exclusivement sur les demandes reconventionnelles présentées par la Colombie dans l'affaire #Nicaragua c. #Colombie

Symposium: Review of John Heieck, A Duty to Prevent Genocide

Good explanation of international negotiations on a new high seas treaty

Symposium: On Territoriality, Power, and Influence–A Review of John Heieck’s A Duty to Prevent Genocide: Due Diligence Obligations Among the P5

Conviction rendered in case against two ex-Ford executives for international crimes:

Symposium: Heieck Asks the Right Questions

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