Please Take Our Reader Survey!

Please Take Our Reader Survey!

Dear readers,

As part of some exciting changes coming to Opinio Juris in the next month or so, we are completely redesigning our website. To that end, we would greatly appreciate your taking some time — about 10 minutes — to fill out our Readers Survey. You can find the survey by clicking here.

We will leave the survey open for two weeks — until March 20, 23:59 CET. All responses will be anonymous, so please don’t hesitate to tell us what you really think! If you would like to provide an email at the end of the survey, we will put it into a random draw for a € 75 Amazon gift card. We will collect your answers and your email address separately, so entering the draw will not affect the anonymity of your answers. And we promise not to use your email to send you unwanted messages.

Without our readers, there is no Opinio Juris. So thank you in advance for your participation.

Once again, the link.

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Wim Muller
Wim Muller

I just started completing the survey, but stopped since there are multiple questions where I would tick more than one box where the survey allows only one: this applies to questions 3, 6, 9 and maybe also 20. This may also be true for other readers. Any chance that you can still modify the survey?

Jessica Dorsey

Thanks for pointing this out, Wim. It’s unfortunately not possible to modify the way questions are answered now that the survey is live, but I’ve amended questions 6 and 9 to allow respondents to list multiple options in a comment box. For questions 3 and 20, the comment box can be used in the same way. I hope this helps. Thank you for participating!