Weekend Roundup: February 21- March 6, 2015

Weekend Roundup: February 21- March 6, 2015

This fortnight on Opinio Juris, Kristen discussed the Elders Proposal for Strengthening the UN and its proposals to change the selection process for the position of the Secretary-General

Jens pointed out how the end of an armed conflict can be as legally complex as its start, and wrote about the proposed CIA reorganisation.

Patryk Labuda contributed a guest post on hybrid justice in Africa

Julian asked whether Japan will embrace the ‘illegal but legitimate view of the UN Charter’s limits on the use of force. He also wondered whether the proposed Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act amounts to a violation of the principle of non-intervention. Julian then argued that the proposed Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act would only impose modest oversight on the administration, and should therefore not be vetoed by the President, although he pointed out that it is close to having enough votes to override a veto. Julian also updated us on the latest steps in the Ghana-Côte d’Ivoire ITLOS arbitration.

Kevin traced the march of the “unwilling and unable” doctrine through academia and spread the news about job vacancies at SOAS

Jessica wrapped up the international news headlines (1, 2) and we listed events and announcements (1, 2).

Have a nice weekend!

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