ABA Seeking Nominations for 100 Best Legal Blogs of 2013

by Jessica Dorsey

The ABA Journal is seeking nominations for its annual list of the 100 best legal blogs. We can’t nominate Opinio Juris because you can’t nominate your own blog, but if you like our blog, find it useful or otherwise would like to spread the word, we’d be happy if you nominate us!

Readers interested in nominating a particular blog for the 7th annual Blawg 100 should use the ABA Journal’s blawg 100 amici form. More info about the Blawg 100 can also be found on that form.  The form asks anyone nominating a blog to provide a name, employer or law school, city, and e-mail address. They ask for this info to discourage the following:

• Bloggers who nominate their own blogs or nominate blogs to which they have previously contributed posts.
• Employees of law firms who nominate blogs written by their co-workers.
• Public relations professionals in the employ of lawyers or law firms who nominate their clients’ blogs.
• Pairs of bloggers who have clearly entered into a quid pro quo agreement to nominate each other.

The ABA Journal welcomes comments (up to 500 words) from readers who do not fall into the above categories.

Nominations must be submitted no later than 7:00 pm (ET) on Friday, August 9, 2013.

As always, we appreciate your readership and thank you for following us here at Opinio Juris.


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