David Bosco, AKA The Multilateralist, Interviews Brett Schaefer & Ken Anderson on the UN

by Kenneth Anderson

In the tooting my own horn department, the estimable David Bosco, who authors the outstanding “The Multilateralist” blog at Foreign Policy (and who is also my American University colleague in the School of International Service), conducted an interview a few weeks ago with the Heritage Foundation’s Brett Schaefer and me on the United Nations.  The idea was to ask how American conservatives – Brett and me – view UN-US relations these days.  Brett is the editor of a fine book, ConUNdrum: The Limits of the United Nations and the Search for Alternatives; I am the author of a 2012 book, Living With the UN: American Responsibilities and International Order.  The Multilateralist piece is a transcript – outstandingly edited by David Bosco, which is to say, Anderson sounds so smart! – titled, “Can Conservatives Reconcile with the United Nations?”  (The link is at the Foreign Policy.com website; free registration to access.)



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