Weekend Roundup: June 16-21, 2013

by An Hertogen

This week on Opinio Juris, Kevin flagged three problems with the PTC’s decision on Libya’s obligation to surrender al-Senussi to the ICC. He also discussed Libya’s admissibility challenge: he criticized the defence’s response to the challenge for adopting the due process thesis and he argued why the President’s refusal to excuse one of the Appeals Chamber judges is erroneous.  Kevin also turned his attention to the ICTY with a post on what he called the real Judge Meron scandal.

Kristen reported on a speech by Judge Gaja on a duty to prevent for international organisations, and Neomi Rao followed up on last week’s guest post, with two more on the politics and the calculus of R2P.

We closed off the week with Hari Osofsky’s book review of Andrew Guzman’s book “Overheated”.

As always, there were our weekday news wraps and our listing of events and announcements. Duncan also flagged an upcoming conference at the Duke-Geneva Institute of International Law on the role of opinio juris in customary international law.

Have a nice weekend!


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