ICRC Intercross Blog Series on Contemporary Issues in IHL

by Kenneth Anderson

The 2011 ICRC Report, “International Law and the Challenge of Contemporary Armed Conflicts,” raised many issues that get discussed weekly here at OJ.  “Intercross,” the blog page of the International Committee of the Red Cross, has selected four of the leading issues from the report for discussion by experts.  The four are: typologies of conflicts; IHL and terrorism; new technologies of warfare; and multinational operations.  The head of the ICRC legal department, Knut Doermann, introduces the whole series at Intercross, and the current theme – typologies of conflicts – is now underway.  It gets going with a podcast on typology from my old friend, and legal adviser to the ICRC, Jelena Pejic, and then moves to guest posts.  The first is by Geoffrey Corn, well known to OJ readers, course. The second is by my old friend and colleague here at Washington College of Law, Bob Goldman, long an eminent voice in international humanitarian law, human rights law, and particularly their application in the Americas. The whole series is well worth following.


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