Weekend Roundup: March 16-22, 2013

by An Hertogen

This week on Opinio Juris, CIA drone strikes remained in the spotlight. Continuing on last week’s post, Kevin tried to get to the bottom of the CIA’s involvement in drone strikes and whether it is sufficient to trigger criminal liability, which sparked a long discussion in the comments with John C. Dehn. Deborah welcomed news reports about a possible transfer of the CIA’s programme to the Defense Department, whose targeting authority she argued is better constrained. She added, though, that the organizational shift would not solve all problems unless transparency improves to ensure political accountability.

We also kept you up-to-date with recent developments in international law. Kristen reported on the decision of the parties to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species to expand the scope of the Convention, and Kevin wrote about the latest episode in the battle between Libya and the ICC over al-Senussi. And of course, there were our daily weekday news wraps.

In other posts, Duncan wondered whether high school cyberwar teams include legal advisors; Ken upheld his yearly tradition of posting Joan of Arc’s Declaration of War in 1429; and Roger posted the Google rankings of the most influential international law journals.

If you need inspiration on topics for articles to submit to these journals, check out our events and announcements for a collection of conferences and calls for papers.

Have a nice weekend!


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