Various Congratulations

by Kenneth Anderson

A quick roundup of congratulations to folks in the broad OJ community …

  • To OJ’s good friend Joseph Weiler – whose distinguished record I won’t even try to summarize – named as the new president of the European Union Institute in Florence. (H/T Martin Holterman.)
  • To likewise distinguished and long-time UN diplomat (most recently SG special adviser on responsibility to protect) Edward Luck, who has been named dean of the University of San Diego’s School of Peace Studies (I was out to give a talk at the USD law school last week and was surprised and delighted to see Ed there; what a terrific move by USD).
  • To our very own Kevin Jon Heller (he’s too modest to announce this, but I think it’s good for us to recognize our own folks’ achievements), who, Our Spies Report, has been promoted to Associate Professor and Reader at Melbourne Law School (for American readers, that’s the equivalent of full professor).  Our Spies further Report that the review letters cited his blogging here at OJ, which of course pleases OJ, though anyone who reads Kevin here know that his blogging is deeply informed by his full-on scholarship.

2 Responses

  1. Congrats to all on wonderful achievements!

  2. Congrats to all, especially to KJH, who has been doing a marvelous job on OJ (informing and enlightening people like myself)! 

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