Weekday News Wrap: Wednesday, November 28, 2012

by An Hertogen

  • In Syria, rebel forces have for the first time downed a government helicopter using a surface-to-air missile they acquired during the recent capture of an army base.
  • The EU is reviewing its sanctions on Syria, and the UK, with France’s backing, is arguing for a review every three months to make it easier to arm the opposition.
  • The head of the Palestinian commission investigating the death of Yasser Arafat has stated that the Palestinian state would go to the ICC, should it be established that Arafat was poisoned.
  • In Eastern Congo, M23 rebels have started withdrawing from Goma after a deal was reached in Kampala, Uganda.
  • Satellite images suggest that North Korea is planning a new missile test, possibly to coincide with the South Korean Presidential election on December 19.
  • The US Treasury has declined to label China a currency manipulator, despite finding that the yuan remains significantly undervalued.
  • China is considering relaxing its “one child policy” to deal with the challenges of a rapidly greying population.
  • Stirred into action by protests over the death of Indian immigrant Savita Halappanavar following the refusal of an abortion, the Irish government has announced that it will make a decision before the end of the year about the admissibility of abortion.
  • The European Commission and the European Parliament are discussing stricter rules for credit rating agencies.
  • In a move criticised by environmental groups, the European Commission has decided to back certain palm oil products as sustainable transport fuels.

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