Weekday News Wrap: Thursday, October 4, 2012

by Jessica Dorsey


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  1. Response… The Reuters report says that: “Having failed last year to win recognition of full statehood at the United Nations, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said last week he would seek a less-ambitious status upgrade at the world body to make it a “non-member state” like the Vatican.
    It’s interesting to note, that when the Vatican’s bid for full membership in the UN failed in 2004, it asked for its own privileges to be upgraded to those already enjoyed by Palestine.
    Compare the rules annexed to A/RES/52/250 (1998) with those annexed to A/RES/58/314 (2004) See also:  “The Holy See backs off from its claim for full membership of the UN, settling for the rights already held by Palestine.”

    So the debate is really only about the use of the word “state” instead of “entity”.

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