ATS Kiobel Post-Argument Discussion

by Kenneth Anderson

I realize this should have gone to our announcements section, but it seems well worth flagging.  As OJ readers are probably aware, the Kiobel case is being re-argued today in the Supreme Court.  Tomorrow my law school, Washington College of Law, American University, in DC, is holding a post-argument discussion with some stellar folks – Paul Hoffman (lead counsel for plaintiffs), Katie Redford (Earthrights International), John Bellinger (former DOS Legal Adviser and Arnold & Porter partner), and Andrew Grossman (Heritage Foundation).  WCL’s own Steve Vladeck will moderate.  The event will also be live-streamed.

Tuesday, October 2, 12-1:20, lunch included, and CLE credit available.  Registration required.  The flyer with online registration information is below the fold.

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    Hope someone mentions the fact that 20 U.S. Supreme Court cases have already recognized that corporations and companies can have rights and duties under treaty-based and customary international law.  51 Va. J. Int’l L. 977 (2011).


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