Welcome to the Blogosphere Armed Groups and International Law

by Jessica Dorsey

Since June 2012, there has been a new addition to the international legal blogosphere: Armed Groups and International Law. The blog is edited by Katharine Fortin of Utrecht University and Rogier Bartels at the Netherlands Defence Academy and the University of Amsterdam.

The blog’s two main purposes are information sharing and community building between individuals and organizations working on issues related to armed groups. The blog aims to provide updates on news stories and publicize academic journal articles and seminars, talks and conferences on issues related to armed groups and non-international armed conflict more generally.

So far, the blog has published analyses on a broad range of issues, which include the organization requirements in relation to the non-international armed conflict in Syria (see here and here), the M23 rebel group operating in Eastern Congo (see here), the decision in the Lubanga case regarding reparations (see here), Mullah Omar’s message to the Taliban to avoid civilian casualties (see here) and the activities of Geneva Call (see here and here). Every weekday, the blog’s editors prepare a roundup of global news stories relating to armed groups and international law.

Every few months, the blog’s editors will prepare a legal roundup of academic articles, books and blog posts on relevant issues (see the latest legal roundup here). Academic commentary from individuals or organizations on current issues, recent cases or developing issues is welcomed and can be sent to the editors.


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