Stay Tuned for Day Two of the UNCLOS Ratification Debate

by Julian Ku

I wanted to thank Professors Allen, Kraska, and Noyes for their contributions to our discussion on US ratification of UNCLOS. I’ve learned a great deal from their posts and I hope our readers have as well. I wanted to remind our readers, however, that we will hear from two leading scholars tomorrow — Jeremy Rabkin and Steven Groves — who will offer reasons why the U.S. should not ratify UNCLOS.  Indeed, Steve was busy today testifying in the afternoon session of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee’s hearing on the Law of the Sea.  His written testimony, along with those of Donald Rumsfeld, John Negroponte, and John Bellinger, can be found here.  And with no disrespect to Messrs Rumsfeld and Negroponte, the most testimony from the hearing worth reading is that provided by Steve and John Bellinger.  We look forward to hearing from Steve and Jeremy tomorrow.

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