Weekday News Wrap: Friday, May 18, 2012

by Jessica Dorsey

  • Reuters reports that the G8 leaders are meeting today amidst further fears about the Eurozone crisis and the possibility of a “Grexit”. According to the Independent, UK PM Cameron will pressure German Chancellor Merkel to do more to save the euro. The Washington Post compares the opposing points of view of Germany and most other nations on how to improve growth in Europe. Over on Foreign Policy, Clyde Prestowitz argues why Germany should leave the euro.
  • Foreign Policy continues the discussion our own Peter Spiro has been writing about here and here (and a related issue here) regarding Eduardo Saverin and other Americans renouncing their citizenship for tax reasons.
  • The White House has eased sanctions on Myanmar and appointed an ambassador for the first time in 22 years.
  • The Washington Post describes brewing tensions between North Korea and China over North Korea’s capture of 29 Chinese fishermen for ransom. The Atlantic has a roundup of popular reaction to the news in China.
  • Reuters has a piece on the UN Security Council resolution demanding the unconditional and immediate withdrawal of Sudan from the disputed Abyei region.
  • AFP reports that Iran has summoned the Bahrain ambassador after its Foreign Minister told Iran to stop meddling in its internal affairs over a possible union with Saudi Arabia.
  • Reuters has an exclusive into the UN’s probing of alleged North Korean arms sales into Syria and Myanmar, despite bans.
  • The International Maritime Organization, an agency of the UN, has called for global guidelines for countries about the deployment of armed guards in piracy situations.

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