Links List at Lawfare of US General Counsel Speeches on Targeted Killing, Hypothetical Drone Programs, and Related National Security Law

by Kenneth Anderson

In case anyone finds it useful, over at Lawfare I have posted up links all in one place to the leading speeches by the US government’s senior national security lawyers on targeted killing, hypothetical drone programs, covert action, and related national security law issues – Harold Koh (DOS), Jeh Johnson (DOD), Eric Holder (DOJ), Stephen Preston (CIA) – and one by non-lawyer but senior counterterrorism advisor John Brennan.  Plus a blog post by Harold Koh defending the legality of the US raid against Bin Laden at … OJ!

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  1. Profile vs. Signature targeting may have been a subject of discussions here – though I have not seen that distinction being done.  Doesn’t signature targeting defeat or reduce the valence of the technology enhanced specificity touted for droning.  Does anyone know the extent to which the US bombed funerals in past armed conflicts?

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