ICRC-ASIL-WCL Conference on Challenges of IHL Today

by Kenneth Anderson

If you are already in DC for the ASIL meetings and have some free time today (Wednesday), you might consider coming out to the edges of DC – to Washington College of Law, American University – for a conference sponsored by the ICRC, ASIL’s Lieber Society (the laws of armed conflict interest section), and the Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law at WCL.  The conference runs all day long, with a 12:30 keynote by Diane Orentlicher, longtime professor and advocate on human rights and most recently deputy for war crimes issues at the Department of State.  (I’ll be on a panel in the afternoon on cyber war and IHL.)  I should have posted on this ages ago, but if you’re interested go to the website and register; it’s not really far from the ASIL hotel and it is over by 3:30, in time to be back for the Grotius Lecture at the ASIL meetings.


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