Welcome to the Blogosphere, Erga Omnes!

by Kevin Jon Heller

The blog is run (so far, solely) by Sonia Cardenas, the Charles A. Dana Research Associate Professor of Political Science and Director of the Human Rights Program at Trinity College in Hartford, CT.  Here is her description of the blog:

This site explores universal jurisdiction, through the prism of politics and human rights.  Universal jurisdiction is the revolutionary idea that any country can prosecute anyone for basic human rights crimes committed anywhere.  Usually, this is a topic covered by legal experts, but I’m a political scientist and human rights scholar.  I am especially curious about the contentious place of universal jurisdiction in today’s world—about the political and social struggles that ensue when states attempt to prosecute non-nationals for human rights crimes and the ethical and policy questions that follow.  The blog offers a space to reflect broadly on universal jurisdiction around the world, on contemporary debates and developments,including those surrounding torture, genocide, and piracy on the high seas.

Welcome to the blogosphere!


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