UVA Conference on Conflicting Legal Norms in US and Foreign Courts

by Kenneth Anderson

If you happen to be around Charlottesville tomorrow, Friday, February 10, you might want to come over to a symposium on how to resolve conflicting legal norms in US and foreign courts:

The conference – organized by the student-run Virginia Journal of International Law and the John Bassett Moore Society of International Law – will explore how to resolve conflicting legal norms found in the United States and abroad, particularly as domestic laws extend their reach beyond countries’ borders. ”Although domestic and foreign legal norms have always interacted, the particular issues that will be addressed during our 2012 symposium have yet to be given significant attention in legal scholarship,” said third-year law student Zach Torres-Fowler, managing editor of the Virginia Journal of International Law.

The keynote speaker for the conference will be Legal Adviser Harold Koh, speaking at 9 am Friday; and the day’s panels feature many leading professors, including our own Roger Alford.  I’ll be there moderating a panel.  If the sponsors post up podcasts or video, I’ll come back and link to it later, but I believe papers from the conference will be published by the Virginia Journal of International Law.  My congratulations to the students organizing the conference – I believe they’ve selected a great topic that runs across many fields these days but rarely gets discussed as such – and now I’d better get on the road to C’ville.


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