Bleg from a Journalist Friend in a Hurry

by Kenneth Anderson

I got a message from a journalist friend who needs urgent help with the following; if someone could put something into the comments to direct him, I’d be very grateful as I’m in a meeting at the moment where I’m not supposed to be doing this sort of thing online.  He’s looking for some kind of official source rather than just citing other newspaper accounts.  Thanks!

I’m looking for something official from the ICC on Gen. Mohammed Ahmed Mustafa al-Dabi and the nature of the crimes he’s accused of in Darfur; couldn’t find anything on their website. Any idea where I might find something deeper than these wire pieces?

Update: I easily get confused with names, but it doesn’t look like he has been indicted but that some advocacy groups have been calling for him to be investigated.  Let me know in the comments if that’s not correct. Thanks.

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  1. I’ll admit that I have not been following the Darfur indictments at the ICC very closely, but it doesn’t look like there is a public indictment against this individual.  There might be an indictment against him that is still under seal, I suppose, but if so you probably won’t get any formal confirmation of that fact.  But his name does not appear on the ICC webpage devoted to indictments arising out of the situation in Darfur. or

    Perhaps someone who is following the Darfur situation more closely would know more.

  2. Not sure he’s been charged at all. From yet another wire:
    “1.30pm: The international criminal court has pointed out that it has not issued an arrest warrant for the Sudanese general nominated to head the Arab League’s mission to Syria, contrary to a claim by the opposition.”
    Can’t find an official record of the denial, either.

  3. Right, thanks – I easily get confused with names, but doesn’t appear he has been indicted, and some of the news reports seem to have picked up the claim from statements by people who would like to see him investigated.

  4. Another secondary reference suggesting no official action: “Instead of heading a team entrusted with a probe of alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity by Syria, the general should be investigated by the ICC for evidence of similar crimes in Sudan.”

  5. It’s interesting to note that the alleged denial by the ICC says that they have not issued an arrest warrant. That could conceivably be consistent with there still being an indictment that is under seal. But I think it more likely the press is picking up something the Syrian opposition is simply wrong about (as suggested above).

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