Are States Down to Pocket Change?

by Peter Spiro

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton launched a worthy initiative on Tuesday, looking to advance gay rights at the global level.  It is yet further evidence of the consequentiality of international human rights that basically all identity groups see value to pressing a global agenda. The “presidential memorandum” setting forth the initiative sends an important cue from the top about how the US should address questions involving LGBT rights in US foreign policy.

But query how much more the effort really amounts to.  Among other things, Clinton announced that the US would dedicate $3 million of foreign aid to advance LGBT rights.  That’s right, THREE WHOLE MILLION DOLLARS.

Not to be outdone on the sovereign lowball express, the Netherlands today pledged €1 (one) million to the cause of internet freedom.

Any amount of money is always to be welcomed for these sorts of things, and I know that states still give the lion’s share of foreign aid (though I think it depends on how you count). But doesn’t George Soros give away that much during his lunch hour?

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  1. And will the Netherlands take that amount out of its ICC rent subsidy, too?  Huh.  We really are in a whole new world on the funding front.

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