NMT Book Published!

by Kevin Jon Heller

I am delighted to announce the publication of my book “The Nuremberg Military Tribunals and the Origins of International Criminal Law.”  The book can be ordered from Oxford University Press here; Amazon should have it (at a whopping $8.78 discount) in the next few days.  Here for the last time is the cover:

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Once again, I want to thank all of the Opinio Juris readers who have given me feedback on draft chapters and/or the layout of the book’s cover.  Your contribution to the final product has been immeasurable.  And I want to thank all of the wonderful people at OUP who have made writing, editing, and publishing the book such a pleasure, particularly Merel Alstein, Bethan Cousins, and — first by being last — John Louth.  It’s a special academic press that would offer a contract to a young academic who had never written written anything longer than a 30,000 word law-review article.  (The book is about 175,000.)  I can only hope that I’ve justified their faith.

As always, feedback on the book would be most appreciated.  But please don’t tell me if you find any typos — they will haunt me forever…


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  1. Congrats Kevin!

  2. congratulations. 

    although i do sometimes disagree with you, i highly respect as a scholar. i will read this book when i get the chance

  3. Congratulations!

  4. Congratulations!  I have ordered it and look forward to reading it. 

  5. Felicitations!

  6. Congrats, will definitely fetch a copy, where’s paperback though?

  7. “a whopping $8,78 discount” means that the book costs “only” $111,22. is this normal?! (I’m not disputing here that the content might be worth much more, but, sorry, it’s just out of reach for me)

  8. Chris,

    Welcome, unfortunately, to academic publishing.  $111 isn’t actually that expensive for a book of its size from OUP, but it’s obviously well beyond some budgets.  Fortunately, almost all university libraries buy all OUP books, so you shouldn’t have too much problem finding a copy.  I’m sorry it isn’t cheaper — I hope OUP will publish a paperback version down the line.

  9. Congratulations Kevin! I look forward to reading the finished result.  How did you find trawling through the boxes of research?!

    Zyanya Hill

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