Offline in God’s Own Country

by Kenneth Anderson

I’m on vacation in God’s Own Country, the Eastern Sierra Nevada, where I am going almost wholly offline.  One or two vital emails, but basically no blogging, websurfing, mindlessly hitting link buttons.  I’m going to break my addiction to restless, pointless web cruising, and here in the land of perfect light – hiking, biking, a great gym, the Sierra Nevada and the White Inyo Mountains – I have the perfect opportunity.  Call it a dopamine reset.  So, to everyone in the world of international law and international relations – don’t do anything rash while I’m away.  A pretty good rule of thumb is … don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!

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  1. Had the opportunity to visit friends at Mammoth Lakes a couple of summers ago and it truly is an amazingly beautiful place.  The Minarets, Heart Lake, Mammoth’s praying hands – enjoy!

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