Third Biennial Conference of Asian Society of International Law to be Held in Beijing

by Chris Borgen

Passed along by Tony Anghie:

The Asian Society of International Law will be holding its Third Biennial Conference in Beijing, China, on August 27th and 28th. The topics that will be addressed include human rights, international economic law and private international law, the law of the sea, climate change, disaster management, and the international law relating to security and conflict. A panel will also be devoted to the crucial issue of the teaching and dissemination of international law in Asia. The conference will explore Asian state practice, regional developments, Asian traditions of international law, and the ways in which Asian societies are attempting to formulate and adapt international law to meet their needs and their emerging economies. At the same time, the conference will examine developments in international law more broadly. Both Asian and international perspectives on the selected topics will be explored. The speakers at the Conference will include promising and talented younger scholars and eminent international lawyers from around the world, including scholars, government officials, representatives from international organizations, and private practitioners. Further details regarding the Conference are available at the Asian Society web site: and the Conference web-site

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    Theme will be Human Rights and Self-Determination of Peoples!

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