Predator Drone Faces Court-Martial

by Kenneth Anderson

The Predator has asked that OJ’s own KJH serve as its defense lawyer in the ICC.  Joke!!  But here, from The Onion:

Predator Drone Court-Martialed For Afghani Civilian Deaths

4 Responses

  1. The clip depicts future realities. U.S. does not allow others to sue it in (international) courts. Others believe U.S. commits crimes against them and it is a threat to their lives. The others will commit increasingly more terrorist attacks against U.S., in self-defense.

    Since technology becomes cheaper, increasingly available and more destructive by the day, the U.S. will face increasing problems. It cost trillions to catch one single individual, such as bin Laden.

    Therefore, as long as U.S. does not want to allow others be able to sue it in courts, the U.S. has to find a technological solution to this problem. But it has no sufficient human resources to gather, analyses and decide the necessary amounts of information and will therefore delegate it to machines. The machines will gather information, analyses it and decide who might be a threat to the U.S. They will decide who gets killed.

    Eventually this killing system will work from space and everyone who grows a beard will be seen as suspicious and will expect a laser beam to turn him to ashes.

    Thus the U.S. becomes a global tyrant, if it is not already.

    To finance this project the U.S. has to find a way to rob other people of their natural resources (as it unsuccessfully tries with Iraq) and transform them into slaves, as Wikileaks reveals it is doing in Haiti.

    But there is a problem. The technology empowers the others as well and they resist successfully this robbery, as Iraq and Afghanistan prove, where the highest defense spender in the world cannot win from street gangs.

    To solve this the U.S. will have to destroy the international law completely, by committing mass killing. In the future, instead of spending billions to catch bin Ladens, the U.S. will just nuke the places where he might be. This will give the U.S. other advantages, as the decreasing world population will consume and pollute less, will be less competition, thus giving U.S. more time to consume and pollute more, before it destroys the world by greed.

    Therefore there is a global race between the U.S. and the individuals who care about the world, themselves and their relatives: the individuals have to destroy the U.S. before it destroys the world. Bin Laden just gave the start sign and many others will follow. The question is whether the U.S. can rob enough to build the global dominance system, before its own economy succumbs.

    Off course there is an alternative: The U.S. wakes up and realizes it has to make international law work, decides that the international law should be also binding on the U.S.. And one of the things one has to do is to give individuals the possibility to sue U.S. in international courts as a peaceful instrument to force the U.S. to do or refrain from certain things.

  2. Mr. or Mrs. or Miss Ticu,

    Sounds like a lovely hollywood movie; particularly like a mix of terminator and armagedon.

  3. Yes Ben, a hollywood movie of a parallel universe where somehow technological achievement made drone warfare possible but not anti-aircraft capability.

  4. The more fundamentally alternative part of M Ticu’s world is that it has people seriously imagining that international litigation and terrorism are alternatives or somehow concomitant options.

    For my part, I’m putting off my repentance fast for the mass killings until they actually happen.

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