Special Issue of GoJIL: Resources of Conflict – Conflicts over Resources

by Chris Borgen

The Gottingen Journal of International Law has just made available online its new special issue that focuses on the relationship between resources and conflicts. This issuse is the result of a symposium which was held this past October. The sixteen papers are organized around the four panel themes: (a) resources before, during, and after conflicts; (b) actors of armed conflicts and international law; (c) resources and conflict prevention: access, sharing and regulation; and (d) knowledge as a resource: access, assessment and legal consequences. There is also a keynote from Professor Marie-Claire Cordonier Segger of the Centre for International Sustainable Development Law.

I think this theme is a great way to address the cross-cutting issues related both to conflicts over the use and ownership of resources as well as how various resources can feed conflicts. Congratulations to the editors for putting together an interesting symposium and special issue.


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