Eric Posner Discusses ‘Executive Unbound’ at Volokh Conspiracy

by Kenneth Anderson

In case you weren’t aware, Eric Posner is discussing his and Adrian Vermeule’s new and highly provocative book, The Executive Unbound, in a series of posts this week at Volokh Conspiracy.  The Libyan conflict has unsurprisingly raised the stakes over this discussion – Eric is engaging with vigor, and linking up the book’s argument to current events and arguments.  Well worth reading.  The latest post by Eric is here, and it concludes:

[Andrew] Sullivan exaggerates but gets at the essential truth, which is that the imperial presidency has been institutionalized, as Adrian Vermeule and I argue in The Executive Unbound. On Congress’ tomb should be inscribed this epitaph, courtesy of a Democratic congressman: “They consulted the Arab League. They consulted the United Nations. They did not consult the United States Congress.” As for the Republicans, with some trivial exceptions, they range from complaining that Obama did not communicate with them (nothing about consultation let alone a vote of some sort) to complaining that he did not act aggressively enough!

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