Catalonian Independence Group Gets World Record For Largest Lip-Synching Video

by Chris Borgen

Let’s just put this one in the “I couldn’t have made this up” files. According to the explanation attached to the YouTube clip:

Lip dub for the independence of Catalonia and the rest of the Catalan Countries, recorded October the 24th 2010 in the city of Vic. Achieving a total amount of 5.771 participants, the World Records Academy awarded the World Record for being the lip dub with highest participation ever. The initiative was born by a group of Catalans, whose aim is to let the whole world know that Catalonia is a nation, and without its independence it cannot be assured its survival and future. The chosen song was composed by the group “Obrint Pas” and its title is “La Flama”.

And it’s a ska tune, no less.

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