Kevin’s Traveling Roadshow

by Kevin Jon Heller

I am heading to Europe on Wednesday for a couple of weeks.  I will be in Salzburg from November 13-19, participating in an amazing project on the intersection of international and Islamic law that is sponsored by the International Bar Association and the Salzburg Global Seminar.  (The definition of terror: my chapter for the resulting book, on sentencing and rights of defendants, will be formally responded to by Lord Peter Goldsmith, the former Attorney General of the UK, and Shirin Ebadi, the Iranian Nobel Peace Prize winner!)  I will be in Nuremberg from November 19-21 for the 65th anniversary of the Nuremberg Trial.  I’ll then be in Cologne from November 21-23 to give a talk on the Karadzic trial at the University of Cologne.  Finally, I’ll be in Amsterdam from November 23-26 to give a talk at Leiden University, most likely on crimes against humanity at the NMTs.  As always, Opinio Juris readers in those locations should send me an email if they’d like to meet up!

P.S.  I should add that I will be in Las Vegas from November 27-December 12 to visit my mom and give a talk (on December 7) at UNLV.  I would be happy to meet up there, as well — as long as it’s not at a casino.

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  1. Wow – safe travels!  ps. This is a great time to go to Death Valley …

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