Washington University Law School Debate Over Drones and Targeted Killing

by Kenneth Anderson

Today at noon, the Whitney R. Harris World Law Institute at Washington University Law School is holding a debate on targeted killing using drone aircraft.  It features Notre Dame’s Mary Ellen O’Connell and yours truly, and moderated by Minnesota Public Radio’s Matt Sepic.  Mary Ellen and I each hold strong views on this topic, of course, and I am greatly looking forward to the discussion.   The event will be webcast, live, I believe, and then available archived at the website if anyone is interested.  My thanks to the folks at the Harris Institute, and Leila Sadat particularly, who invited us, and congratulations to the Institute on its 10th anniversary.  The Harris Institute could not have picked a more timely discussion for its anniversary debate, as a quick glance at the newspapers reveals.  The link to the Harris Institute event notice is here.


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  1. Response…
    I am DOng, a student at Wash. Univ. Law.
    Prof. Anderson gave us quick overview of issues surrounding increasing resort to UAV, from strategic to legal point of view. He seemed to focus his argument on jus in bello, whereas Prof. O’Connell on jus ad bellum.
    One of basis for drone attack Prof. Anderson highlighted was that the UAV is highly discriminate. I wanted to ask him how he saw the Dubai assassination allegedly by Israel. The issue of passport and no explicit permission on the part of Dubai aside, was it legal and legitimate? It was the most discriminate method.

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