Bleg: How Would You Define ‘National Security Law’?

by Kenneth Anderson

Further to a mysterious correspondent, who asks what would be a clear, simple, and brief – as in one to three sentences – definition of the field of national security law, of the kind you might include in a law school, grad school, or undergrad course catalog and course description.  Suggestions welcomed.

One Response

  1. This is how I would attempt to define it. *Deep breath* Here goes:

    “Corpus of rules and laws governing the State’s exercise of its regalian security function, in particular when relating to the protection of a State’s vital interests, such as protecting its territory, its infrastructures and its citizens from external and internal threats. Involves rules from the Law of Armed Conflict, Criminal Law, and Human Rights Law.”

    I’m curious to see other suggestions, as national security law is something I often deal with in my research/work, but that oddly enough I’ve never had to offer a definition as such.

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