Naval War College Conference

by Kenneth Anderson

I’m on radio silence, as I’m at the Naval War College conference on international law, which is where all the cool people are this week … odd, though, I seem to be the only OJ blogger here!  Could it be that I am the only cool OJ … no, no! Seriously, though, congratulations to Derek Jinks and Dennis Mandsager and the rest of the folks who organized this great meeting.  (I was last on radio silence finishing up my short policy manuscript on UN-US relations.  I’m not sure I’d describe it as “done,” but the editors took it away from me, saying that I’d keep fiddling forever.)

One Response

  1. I am SO JEALOUS Ken because I was really looking forward to it.  COOOLLLLL! I had a great time last year.

    Plus, one of my son’s former professors was to be there as well: Ryan Goodman. However, I’m sure you were provocative. Hopefully, there will be another opportunity closer to home.

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