Ian Hurd Responds to Michael Glennon on ICC and Crime of Aggression

by Kenneth Anderson

Ian Hurd, the distinguished scholar of international organizations (e.g., After Anarchy) at Northwestern University, has posted to SSRN a short response to an article much-discussed here at OJ, Michael Glennon, “The Blank Prose Crime of Aggression.”  Professor Hurd’s response is titled, “How Not to Argue Against the Crime of Aggression.” It is not long, elegantly argued and usefully systematic, and I would suggest is a model of what scholarly disagreement should look like.  My own views are in Mike Glennon’s turf, and I found that Professor Hurd’s short essay helped me understand on exactly what grounds I agree with Mike on this.  This conversation (including that over the recent Council on Foreign Relations report on the ICC) has generated somewhat more heat than light, in my estimation, and I regard Professor Hurd’s contribution as exceptionally thoughtful and highly salutary.


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