A Letter from Centrists and Conservatives on the Role of Lawyers in Terrorism Cases

by Kenneth Anderson

Politico (linked here to Yahoo) carries a story today on a letter drafted by Benjamin Wittes and signed by a number of conservative and centrists lawyers, former Bush administration officials, and policy analysts on conservative attacks on the role of lawyers in terrorism cases – the so-called Al Qaeda 7 at the Justice Department.  I’m one of the signers, but there are many more important and prominent signers, including John Bellinger, Matthew Waxman, David Rivkin and Lee Casey.  It will almost certainly gain more signatures as the week goes on, and my thanks to Ben for putting it together.


3 Responses

  1. I hope that a foreigner and layman (which is worse?) will be permitted to congratulate the signatories on starting to restore faith in the practice of Law. from a retired professor of the Law School at the University of Glamorgan

  2. Lawyers who advocated for torture coming to the defense of lawyers who defended detainees.  Only in America! I would hope the lawyers in the DOJ would eschew such company.  This is a two-headed attack to get us to acquiesce to what happened in the last Administration.  Will not work.

  3. It’s tragic you should have to draft such a letter at all.

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