New International Law Blog: McGill’s Legal Frontiers

New International Law Blog: McGill’s Legal Frontiers

McGill University law students have started a new blog about international law, Legal Frontiers. Their official launch post states:

The goal of Legal Frontiers is to create a scholarly, social network where students interested in International law can identify key issues and challenges; test new theories; and draw attention to important causes, cases or alternative points of view. Having been inspired by a wide variety of legal blogs, we aspire to promote an emerging genre of writing, which we like to call “academic blogging”. We started this project because we believe that it is of the utmost importance to encourage students to actively engage with issues beyond the classroom, develop their own opinions, and learn how to clearly and effectively argue them.

Recent posts include a consideration of Canada’s diplomacy related to indigenous peoples, South Africa and climate change policy, and what the ICJ’s Kosovo decision could mean for the Palestine. It’s great to see law students as active participants in the blogosphere and also their being supported and encouraged by their faculty. Check this blog out.

Welcome to the international legal blogosphere!

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