ASIL Lieber Society Event on IHLRI Air and Missile Warfare Draft Manual

by Kenneth Anderson

Last Thursday, February 4, the Lieber Society of the ASIL (the laws of war interest section) sponsored a program at ASIL’s Tillar House in DC to discuss the draft model manual on air and missile warfare that has been slowly evolving through the “Alabama process” and the International Humanitarian Law Research Initiative based at Harvard University.  Claude Bruderlein, director of the project (Yoram Dinstein serves as project advisor), came down to DC from Cambridge to present the current version of the Manual and to discuss where the project is going with respect to the Commentary.  Dick Jackson moderated, and DOD’s Jane Dalton and I commented.

It was an excellent discussion – Admiral Dalton had participated in the Alabama process and so had been fully involved in the development of the rules.  I was in the position, alas, of not having done any of the heavy lifting on the project itself – but then freely kibbitzing on the result.  Claude was his usual excellent and admirably clear self, with a good audience.  Congratulations to Dick Jackson and ASIL Lieber for organizing it.  (I am the outgoing Lieber Society Treasurer, by the way, and if you are not a member of ASIL and Lieber, let me recommend that you join.)  For anyone interested, here is the video from ASIL-YouTube.

ASIL February 4, 2010

(I would embed the video, but can’t figure out how to do it here – apologies!)

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