Our Upcoming YJIL Discussion

Our Upcoming YJIL Discussion

A note to our readers:  I inadvertently jumped the gun a bit in my earlier post about the Security Council and raised Professor Michael Glennon’s YJIL article, The Blank Prose Crime of Aggression, on which Kevin has also commented.  We imagine that some readers will also want to weigh in.  It turns out that in March, we will be discussing the article as part of the regular symposium with YJIL, including Professor Glennon and several outside commenters.  So I am going to propose that we treat the posts below as a teaser for the March symposium which, clearly, promises to be very lively, and hold off on saying more until we reach March.

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Have any of the OJers been paying attention to the Iraq Inquiry in the UK? I was just watching a few of the legal advisors’ testimony (people in the Foreign Office, the UK Atty Gen, etc.), and while perhaps they’re not exactly breaking new and exciting ground, it’s interesting to see the extent to which there are disagreements among UK government lawyers/ministers over the nature of international law, over what constitutes good evidence in international law, how to interpret U.N. resolutions, etc.

Happily enough, the videos of all the testimony (except for private sessions with witnesses, which are noted where they occur (only once so far, I think?)) are available here:



[…] have been a few mentions of the Iraq Inquiry on the blogs (also here) I regularly visit, but I’ve been holding back contributing in part because […]