So Long and Thanks

by Gregory Gordon

I want to thank the folks at OJ for having me over the past two weeks. You have all made me feel at home and I’ve enjoyed it very much. I’ve especially appreciated the opportunity to discuss legal issues stemming from upheaval in the African Great Lakes region. Some of these issues have been on my mind for some time and it was fantastic to have a forum through which to express and develop them. It was even more meaningful given that, during my guest-blogging stint, there were significant related developments on the universal jurisdiction front, Rwanda notified the world that gacaca would soon come to an end, and Hillary Clinton announced a visit to DR Congo as the country became engulfed in yet another wave of cataclysmic violence. It was fascinating to see convergences between my thinking and related current events and to see how those current events were shaping my thinking as I struggled to put it all into words in real time. In that sense, the fortnight was quite energizing. And that feeling was only enhanced by opportunities to discuss other vital issues in the news such as asylum law and gender-crimes and the Sotomayor confirmation hearings. The reader comments related to my posts have been thoughtful and stimulating and I have learnt much from them. To sum it up, these two-weeks of international legal e-dialogue and cyber-camaraderie have been a true privilege. I hope I’ll have the chance to do it again. Good night and good luck.

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  1. Gregory, these have been provocative and informative posts – thanks so much for being with us these last few days!

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