Michael Innes’s Brief Comment on Cyberterritoriality

by Kenneth Anderson

My too-brief contribution to the Territoriality symposium is to send you over to Michael Innes’s brief comment on cyberterritoriality.  He comments there on Tim’s remarks, rather than Kal’s book – tangential to Kal’s book, but cyberterritoriality is very important in its own domain.

(Update: Apologies, Mike, for getting the attribution wrong (see Mike’s comment), and I’m correcting it here.)

Michael is founder and director of Complex Terrain Lab, an academic site that studies and comments on the intersection of conflict, space, and place, and so involves several disciplines ranging from political science to law to geography, and more.  In Afghanistan, Mike was a civilian NATO staff officer, deployed to Kabul as a staff liaison to ISAF Headquarters.


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  1. Ken, thanks for the CTlab plug. For the record, I’m not military, and I wasn’t working with the Canadian Forces in Afghanistan. I was a civilian staff liaison to ISAF Headquarters.

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