PS to the Koh Discussions, Eric Posner at Volokh

by Kenneth Anderson

Eric Posner is putting up two posts on the Koh debates, over at Volokh Conspiracy (first one is here, second is linked to it).  I’ll be lite-blogging the next little bit, as I have board meetings for a nonprofit private equity fund for the next few days in Europe.  I want to start discussing more finance and development finance topics when I get back, some of them general questions such as whither microfinance in the global recession, and some of them much more narrow, such as ways to hedge foreign currency exposure if you are a little itsy-bitsy private player in a not highly traded currency.  And then there are the really big questions – IMF special drawing rights and the future of the de facto global reserve currency.  I am interested – with the encouragement of my co-bloggers – in devoting more time at OJ in my posts, and encouraging anyone else I can to do so as well, on international economic law in addition to the things we already do.

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