Waterboarding Stunt Gone Wrong

by Chris Borgen

 Hat tip: The Faculty Lounge

As if they ever go right?  Anyway, this was a publicity stunt by conservative talk show host Mancow Muller, but it seems to have gone wrong in an unexpected way…  While commentors at the NBC Miami site who saw/heard more of this said that it seemed like Muller was doing the waterboarding to show it was not torture, he got hit in the face with reality, so to speak. Although the environment was about as friendly as you could want (nice bright studio, staff to help him if he was in trouble, talking through with the waterboarder where to hold his head, etc.) nonetheless, Muller lasted about six seconds. According to one of the commentors, in the full version that aired on TV and on the radio, Muller said afterwards “I hate to say this… this is torture…”

No kidding?


One Response

  1. This is not a “conservative talk show host.” The fact this man says waterboarding is torture proves he is a “leftwing radical” part of the movement to weaken “National Security.” Heck, no real neutral-and-serious American considers splashing your face when your shaving torture so how can this be torture? Again, only the bleeding hearts from the extreme and fringe terroristloving left consider waterboarding torture. More specifically when the US does it it is not torture! (Wait a second, this reminds me of something I heard before ….)

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