Keep Your Eyes on Moldova and Georgia Today

by Chris Borgen

In the case of Moldova, the question will be whether the protests continue and, if so, their size. While Moldova’s President Voronin is term-limited out of office, based on the recent parliamentary elections, the ruling Communist Party (headed by Voronin) will stay in power. The question is whether the protests will up-end the the political status quo. I’ll write a longer analysis on the situation Moldova in the near future.

As for Georgia, Stratfor has published this alert of a possible attempt to oust President Saakashvili. Their report begins:

Georgian opposition movements have planned mass protests for April 9, mostly in Tbilisi but also around the country. These protests could spell trouble for President Mikhail Saakashvili. The Western-leaning president has faced protests before, but this time the opposition is more consolidated than in the past. Furthermore, some members of the government are expected to join in the protests, and Russia has stepped up its efforts to oust Saakashvili.

 Stay tuned.

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