US Truth Commission – NYT Room for Debate Blog Discussion

by Kenneth Anderson

The NYT Room for Debate blog is kind enough occasionally to invite me to contribute on law topics. It recently held a mini-debate on the question of whether Congress should empanel some kind of “truth commission” to deal with issues of torture and other things from the Bush administration. I was the voice in opposition. Other contributors were David Cole, Michael Ratner, Margaret Satterthwaite, and Jenny Martinez. A good time had by all, etc. – it’s a good short summary of the arguments – short as in 300-400 words max for each entry.  It generated a lot of comments – several thousand rather than the usual several hundred – from Times readers around the country. If there was anything that surprised me in the comments, it was the number that simply said, the economy is too urgent, it’s time to move on and deal with what’s in front of us.

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